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 Introducing Koichi & Sora

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Introducing Koichi & Sora Empty
PostSubject: Introducing Koichi & Sora   Introducing Koichi & Sora EmptyJune 5th 2018, 8:17 pm

« heck »
Name : Koichi
Nickname : Koichi
Age : 17
Birb's name : Sora
Birb's age : 17
Group : Province of Aveston
What do you look like?
Black hair with a ponytail, dark violet eyes, round face with fine features. Short (5'2") but DON'T TALK TO ME ABOUT IT.
What's going on in your head?
Ran away from home a couple years ago because my family members are mcfrickin' bird abusers. Then I met up with a fat blackbird who decided that stealing some dude's loaf of bread was a good idea; clearly it wasn't and he was on the run from the police. We decided to pretend to be bonded and now Sora and I collect songs and fly around, trying to avoid the law. Sora makes puns and I respond with long, sullen silences.
Par Onyx de Never-Utopia, inspiré de cette fiche de Pastomaniac.
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Introducing Koichi & Sora Empty
PostSubject: Re: Introducing Koichi & Sora   Introducing Koichi & Sora EmptyJune 5th 2018, 8:36 pm

" FIGHT ME " omg xD

I'm so happy, this is the first character introduction post aaaaaah

So welcome to the forum :3

(Just two little things: the avatar should be 200x320 px and the name should be the first name only :3)

I'll add you to your group :3
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Introducing Koichi & Sora
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