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 SUB-BIRB-IA: Defenders of Ornithia

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SUB-BIRB-IA: Defenders of Ornithia Empty
PostSubject: SUB-BIRB-IA: Defenders of Ornithia   SUB-BIRB-IA: Defenders of Ornithia EmptyJune 5th 2018, 9:33 pm

SQUAWK!  hello

Have you ever heard of Town of Salem, Werewolves or Les Loups-Garous de Thiercelieux? They are all versions of the same game. A game that is being customized to fit the birbverse. Don't worry if you have no idea what this is, I'll explain it.

It's a party game that you can also play on online chat (we'll be using Discord to play). First, there is a game master. They randomly distribute the roles and control the rythm of the game. They are the one who'll call every role during the nights and make sure that everyone has a voice during the morning debate.

About the roles

There are two types of roles:
→ The sub-birb-ians
→ The special roles

The sub-birb-ians are on the "good" side. They are on the same team as most of the special roles. Their goal is to eliminate all of Grail's baddies. Each sub-birb-ian has a voice for the morning vote.

There are a few special roles. Here they are:
Grail's baddies: Their goal is to get rid of every other players, except their small group of meanies. They try to reach their goal by killing one person every night.

Esedora: She has a reviving/protection potion and a death potion (poison). She can use each potion only once. She can drink it herself or save/kill someone else.

Elyza: She spies on Grail's baddies at night.

Cupid [temporary name, to be changed]: He makes two people fall in love. These two people become the lovers. If one is killed (during the night or after a decision of the council), the other one dies of sadness. Their goal is to be the only survivors.

Kei: As a medium, he can see someone's role during the night.

The hunter [temporary name, to be changed]: When he dies, he uses his last bullet to kill someone.

Clint: As a thief, he can steal a random role that hasn't been distributed yet. However, his only opportunity of doing so is during the first night. If he keeps his role, he becomes a regular sub-birb-ian.

About what happens during a game

There are nights and days. Nights are when the special roles have actions to do. The game master calls the roles one by one. Since we'll be playing on Discord, there will be a separate channel for Grail's baddies, because they need to agree on who to kill. For the other roles, the game master will chat with the person separately. When every special role has been called, the game masters puts an end to the night (#op) and the morning rises.

During the days, a council is held. The deaths are announced, and then the council starts a debate to decide of who should be killed. Of course, as the roles are meant to be kept secret, everyone has to act like they want to eliminate one of Grail's baddies. You can try and bluff about your role, but make it subtle. Don't just go "Anyways, I'm Elyza so I know he's one of them!" Instead, go for hints. When the debate is over, a vote is held. The person who gets the most votes is the one who is eliminated.

The game ends if Grail's baddies kill all the others, if Sub-birb-ia eliminates all the baddies or if the lovers are the last two to be alive.

So this topic will be used to decide on game nights/days/mornings/afternoons/whenever we can play taking the time zones in consideration. I will edit this post with the decided date, so keep an eye on it! You can also ask to be notified somehow (private messages here, direct chat on Discord) when the date is set. Just PM me for this Smile

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SUB-BIRB-IA: Defenders of Ornithia
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