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 Introducing Aarjia & Zira

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Introducing Aarjia  & Zira Empty
PostSubject: Introducing Aarjia & Zira   Introducing Aarjia  & Zira EmptyJune 6th 2018, 2:17 am

« Pronounce it like car and yak but without the c and the k »
Name : Aarjia
Nickname : Aari (just by family)
Age : 21
Birb's name : Zira
Birb's age : 8
Group : Province of Aveston
What do you look like?
Aarjia: I’m 5‘7“ tall and that is totally fine because it’s more than average height. I have very long blonde hair that is too heavy to wear it in a high ponytail. So I came up with this soloution. I got green eyes and angry eyebrows *wiggles eyebrows separately*. What else to say...?
Zira: *in a very serious, somewhat mother voice* That you blush easily if your are embarrassed or that you always were these weird wide pants or you always walk with bare feet because you ‚want to feel the earth right beneath my feet‘
Aarjia: Ooh, shut up. *blushing*
Zira: There it comes, see that?
What's going on in your head?
Aarjia: Most of the time I think about all the people, that should better shut their f*****g mouth.
Zira: Aarjia, please stop saying such words. That’s inappropriate.
Aarjia: I‘m sorry... not really. I also think about new methods and medicine to help all the birds in need.
Zira: Sometimes I‘m amazed by how fast you go from „I hate everyone“ to „We need to help everyone. No one will be hurt if I‘m around“. I‘m a little worried about your mental health right now *lays beak on Aarjias shoulder*
Aarjia: *pets Ziras head* You don’t have to worry. I will be fine with you by my side.
Zira: You really think, that birds are better than humans, don’t you?
Aarjia: *sarcastic* Noooo, why the heck do you think that is true?
Zira: *rolls eyes*
Aarjia: I was born to the chief of a tribe that is located on the east coast of Aveston. I don’t have to do any paperwork because I have three older siblings and they are much more likely to be the future chief, than me.
Zira: Tell the part, were you found me.
Aarjia: I‘n coming to it now. So, when I became fourteen, I wandered the fields and forests. I was already on my way back home, when I found a nest without a bird, that hatched the one egg-
Zira: That’s me!
Aarjia: Right. I felt the egg and it was a bit chill already. So I took it with me.
Zira: They found my mother dead, one week later. She died because she was very ill.
Aarjia: Yes, That’s right. That is probably the saddest part in the story. That’s why I wanted to be a bird-healer and also became one. To help alle the birbs.
So...one week later you managed to get out of that egg. You were very ugly at first. But you eventually grew up into a beautiful bird *scratches Ziras chin*
Zira: You also met Rivu, while you were carrying me around for two weeks.
Aarjia: I‘m in a relationship with him for five years now. That’s a very long time. Sometimes we also work together. He brings me the best herbs and flowers (he’s a herbologist) so I can make the best medicine
*door slams open*
Random guy: You two! A babybird fell out of the nest two miles away. It got a broken wing.
Aarjia: Sorry, but we need to go. Come on Zira. Fly as fast as you. *climbs up on her back*
Zira: I always do that!
Aarjia: I know, and sometimes I almost fall off, because of that.
Par Onyx de Never-Utopia, inspiré de cette fiche de Pastomaniac.
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Introducing Aarjia  & Zira Empty
PostSubject: Re: Introducing Aarjia & Zira   Introducing Aarjia  & Zira EmptyJune 6th 2018, 9:53 am

Ooh I like the way you wrote this :3

Welcome here shine
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Introducing Aarjia  & Zira Empty
PostSubject: Re: Introducing Aarjia & Zira   Introducing Aarjia  & Zira EmptyJune 6th 2018, 10:47 am

Thank you, I like every character, that was already introduced so much. Can’t wait for the two to meet them ^-^
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Introducing Aarjia  & Zira Empty
PostSubject: Re: Introducing Aarjia & Zira   Introducing Aarjia  & Zira Empty

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Introducing Aarjia & Zira
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