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 Introducing Clint & Faran

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Introducing Clint & Faran Empty
PostSubject: Introducing Clint & Faran   Introducing Clint & Faran EmptyJune 6th 2018, 5:14 pm

« Life's ours for the taking, Faran. »
Name : Clint
Nickname : N/A
Age : 24
Birb's name : Faran
Birb's age : 19
Group : Nomad
What do you look like?
Quite tall and lanky, with a shaved head. Usually wears a long trench coat with a simple shirt and trousers, and combat boots. Nearly always wearing a sinister expression, but since reforming, has tried to be less scary-looking.
What's going on in your head?
Where's Faran?! Oh, there she is. Hey, that looks nice, I should take it- nOPE I CANT TAKE SH!T ANYMORE
Clint grew up in an unstable home, and stealing became a way of life. He pulled a number of successful robberies from all sorts of establishments, eventually meeting Faran along the way. They bonded almost instantly, as Faran had a knack for breaking in to unsuspecting homes. After a string of unfortunate events however, Clint and Faran were caught, leading to their eventual reformation in jail. They were taught how to make an honest living - but old habits die hard, and the pair can often be found nicking items that don't belong to them.
Par Onyx de Never-Utopia, inspiré de cette fiche de Pastomaniac.
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Introducing Clint & Faran Empty
PostSubject: Re: Introducing Clint & Faran   Introducing Clint & Faran EmptyJune 6th 2018, 8:28 pm

Welcome here :3 I like those two hehe hehe
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Introducing Clint & Faran
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