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 important to read : rules

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PostSubject: important to read : rules   important to read : rules EmptyJune 4th 2018, 10:24 pm

"not to be broken"
Hello there!

This is an important topic, as you may have guessed. We want Ornithia to be a fun place, therfore there are some rules that need to be followed.

About introducing yourself
Please do it before posting any RP. Just click here to be redirected to the right place. All fields of the form must be filled.

About avatars
It would be great if everybody had an avatar. The avatar size has to be 200x320 px. Since it has to represent your character, pictures of celebrities won't be accepted. If you can't draw you character, you can keep the default avatar, but please provide a character description in the appropriate profile field.

About profile fields
You don't have to fill them all. However, you have to fill the ones giving information about your character. For the image field, you can choose to go with some text instead, as the option is available.

About RPs
There isn't a certain length or number of words to write. However, it is nice to have some content when replying to a RP. For fast RPs, answers could be around 300 words. As said, there isn't an imposed limit, but usually 300 words work well for RP with shorter replies. For slow RPs (meaning long replies), try to write above 300 words, as it gives your partner more content to base their reply on.

About the number of accounts
One character (birb and human) = one account. The limit is set to three accounts. More than three would be difficult to deal with, and some accounts may end up being inactive.

About username
Your username has to be your character's name. Please use only one name as your username (e.g., I went with Lystatria, who's my character while Soreth is her birb).

About respect
It is possible to insult another character, but please leave insults and stuff to the roleplay. When exchanging with people, we ask you to be respectful, no matter if it is in the games section of the forum, the discussions, or in private messages. We will not tolerate disrespectful comments or attitudes.

Have fun!

© Lady sur Epicode
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important to read : rules
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