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 what to write in your journal.

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what to write in your journal. Empty
PostSubject: what to write in your journal.   what to write in your journal. EmptyJune 4th 2018, 10:33 pm

"what to use them for"
Journals are great to keep track of your character's friendships, love interests, ennemies, etc. They are also great to keep track of you RPs, whether they are planned, done or in progress. You can use codes to give a certain look to your journal, or you can keep it simple.

Please use only one topic as your journal. You are free to post multiple times in your topic if you want to separate your journal in different sections. You can also post in other players' topics to ask for a RP, a friend, an ennemy, etc.

You are also free not to post a journal, but it is a good way to keep everything in mind!

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what to write in your journal.
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