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 chapter III : groups.

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chapter III : groups. Empty
PostSubject: chapter III : groups.   chapter III : groups. EmptyJune 5th 2018, 3:15 pm

"where are you from/where do you live?"
There are 4 groups on the forum. Groups indicate either where your character is from or where they live. If your character doesn't feel like they belong in any of the three areas (Province of Aveston, Province of Fletchens or Islands of the Wilds), then they may be a part of the Nomads, who are people that don't really live anywhere (e.g., people on the run or people that don't like staying at the same place for too long).

How to join a group? All you have to do is indicate the group in which you think your character should be put when you fill up the introduction form. You can find the link to the form here.

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chapter III : groups.
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